CONTROLLER HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Seriously, have you tried playing a platformer on a keyboard? This game technically has keyboard bindings but I promise you don't want to do it.

Moustachevania is a pure-platforming Metroidvania... but it's actually two (unfinished) games in one!

I started the original version ("Classic") in 2017 with the intent of making a simple, $5 first commercial indie project, but my attention was split by contracting work and I didn't work on it consistently. In 2020, I got some publisher interest but ultimately decided to scope the game WAY up into a $20+ product so I could secure publisher funding. The result of that was the "Fancy" version, which is a "vertical slice" demo that was meant to attract investment. Unfortunately, though, it didn't, and life became too busy and complicated to finish either version of the game.

So here's what I've got, for free! Enjoy!

I have released most of the game's original source code for free on Github:

A far more detailed postmortem is on my web site:

Complete OST available for free on Bandcamp:


- Fullscreen only scales up in increments evenly divisible by the original resolution, so the game will be in a box in some resolutions even if they're the right aspect ratio. This could be fixed by using rendertexture scaling, but I've run into other issues with Unity's pixel perfect camera before so I haven't tried yet.

- When walking between terrain tiles and gameobject colliders that are the same height, sometimes it counts as a collision/bump and sometimes it doesn't. This is likely a Unity physics issue but there's probably a workaround I haven't thought of yet.

- The calculation to determine if the player stuck themselves inside a tile after rotating it is not very generous so you can get killed by rotating blocks into yourself a bit easier than you might want.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorAaron Nemoyten / Cosmic Turtle
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
TagsMetroidvania, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer


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i played this on classic mode ( on keyboard ) until it got to a ridiculous dash double jump part that really needed a checkpoint before it then quit to try it on the fancy mode - lost all my progress !

the classic mode was great though but the character movement seems a little slow to me .

Ohhhhh NOOOO I need to pop up a warning that progress will be lost if you start a new game when you have a valid save! Sorry about that!

I'm glad you enjoyed it though. I'd love to know where you got stuck specifically. If you have the patience to get there again, please post a screenshot :)

Hm, upon collecting the blueish item on the left side, game froze kind of.
Like nothing moves but things only do their idle animation :-)


Oh no! Would you mind taking a screenshot? Is this the 'classic' version? I think I know the item you're talking about. I'll play up to that point ASAP to find the issue.

Yep, the classic version.
it's not far in, literally from the very start, go left, collect the first cheeze and the blue shining item to the left, right before you would have to climb up again.

I can't reproduce but I'm playing Chrome and have no plugins installed. I just uploaded a Windows executable, perhaps that will work for you?

Hm, must be my computer .
tried in chrome, firefox (my main browser) and the executable.
Always same behavior upon touching that item.
likely some animation, curscene or soemthing should play there and it getting stuck or not playing might be freezing it.

like you walk around all light.
but when I touch the item, the light dims to that light circle, all enemies, cheeze, etc. stop moving, only doing their floating animation at most.

likely some "yo, you collected xy" popup should appear and my computer might have triuble doing that, so it stays stuck there.

Also, I am able to to press esc, but before I can do anything, it jsut un-pauses itself again.
surely the game is trying something here in an endless loop, just never able to finish it.

likely somthing with my notebook, it's from 2015, so could be many reasons :-)

Same happens to me!

You're getting a hang after collecting the first item?

Hey, im sorry for a super late answer but yes, i tired again and happens just like on ss above

What browser and OS?

chrome, win 11