Monster Stew 1.1 Update

Hey everyone, I just updated Monster Stew to version 1.1.

There are just a few minor changes, since Ludum Dare voting is still going on.

* Player and enemy bullet colliders are MUCH smaller. They were huge before and I forgot to fix them. While this will make enemies harder to hit, they're still pretty big so it shouldn't be a problem. The biggest problem this solves is trying to shoot around dead monsters and hitting them instead.
* Player and enemy bullets now hit walls. This prevents enemies from shooting you through walls (duh). It's also just kinda cool.
* Made the last two waves' recipes easier and increased the chances of Dog-O's appearing in the last wave. It was way too hard before.

Note that the player can still move through walls. This is a quirk of the movement code that I didn't figure out until too late. IMO it's too major of a change to make as part of a small LD update.

Once LD voting is over, I'll fix the wall collision and perhaps update the level layout a bit. And who knows? Maybe I'll make it into a more complete game.

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Apr 26, 2018

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